​Designed for the student who is eager to begin the college research and application process or who is already on their way. This student is adept at utilizing available resources AND wants ‘real time’ support and information to ensure nothing is missed. We help keep students on target and on track. 


Students may enter this process at any point between 11th and 12th grade: 

  • Personalized Guidance with Regular Prompting and To Do's

  • Collegiate Profile Information and Counselor Presentation Notes

  • Testing and Activities Resume Guidance and Timelines

  • Application Support for all Application Types: Deadlines & Requirements

  • Essay Resources, Oversight and Guidance

  • Learning Profile/Assessments

  • College Admissions Learning Library

  • Unlimited Use of Interactive Chat as Questions Arise 'Real Time'

Local College Advising

San Ramon Valley Area|California

Includes Virtual College Counseling

with additional 1:1 options

for students who want to connect in person.