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A few testimonials....

Thank you guys for everything, you made it a lot less stressful!!! SRVHS Student

I appreciated your depth and breadth of knowledge about the college admissions process and the expectations of the individual institutions.  I never felt insecure or uncertain about missing something important because I knew that you were on top of it. There was also the very important aspect of the challenges of communicating with your teenager. Having you to reference and having the requests or nudges come from you took out the resistance that teens have to suggestions from their own parents. This piece was invaluable!  De La Salle Parent

Working with Julie and Susan and has been a huge help to us. I know they meet with students 1:1 but we live out of area. My daughter interacts with them on her planner/chat whenever she has questions, she's been able to upload transcripts and her activities resume and they've provided invaluable support. The To Do's are on point. The learning library allows me to read about college admissions when time permits and their regular emails keep us on track so we aren't anxious about missing anything. They are more than our safety net! San Marcos High School Parent

CW College Planner got me into college. While yes, the majority of the application elements were part of my high school career that came long before they did, they 100% helped in ways that I wouldn't have been able to do without them. As someone who often procrastinates, deadlines were sometimes an issue with me but Julie and Susan were gentle but firm with their reminders and allowed me to drive the schedule, so I was held more responsible. This worked really well for me and I think it was crucial to helping with the application process. Not only that, but their experience and knowledge was evident throughout every step of the process, making me feel like I was truly getting the best possible help. They were always reachable if I had a question and the website was easy to navigate and helped a lot with my organization. I would recommend them to anyone who asked and would use them again without hesitation. SRVHS Student