About Us

CW College Planner was developed after countless hours of walking and talking about what we wish we had as our own children were going through the college process. We had A LOT of expertise to share given our backgrounds but we were searching for something to add structure, knowledge, support and efficiency to what seemed like an overwhelming endeavor to our kids. How could we more easily engage them in the process? How could we increase access while offering affordable options to other students? 


Between us, we have six children who share commonalities yet took very different approaches to the college search. One consistent element was their need for organizing, tracking, and staying on top of the process during what was already a very busy time in their life. Spreadsheets were helpful but contained only the data they input. A lot was being missed. 


CW College Planner is a practical, multifaceted approach to college advising created to meet your unique family needs. One size does not fit all.  In part, college planning is an endeavor in project management and for many students it is the first of its magnitude. In addition, the landscape of college admissions changes routinely and having the knowledge and understanding of today's process is key. There is a lot of information to understand and manage. We will guide you through this process by providing resources, knowledge, organizational tools, and personalized support based on your unique needs. 

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Susan Wise: An associate member of IECA and member of WACAC. My background includes a BA in Psychology (SDSU), an MA in Organizational Psychology (St. Mary's) and a Certificate in College Counseling (UCLA) . I have authored two books in the area of 360 Feedback and Virtual Teaming and spent many years consulting with organizations in the area of leadership, communication and workplace efficiency.


In recent years, I have worked within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District both in the classroom and as a College Advisor at San Ramon Valley High School. 

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Julie Carbonell: A former practicing attorney, I recently earned my certification in College Counseling through UCSD and transitioned to the field of college advising. My background includes a BA in Political Science (American University) and a JD (University of Richmond, School of Law). I am a member of WACAC.  I love all components of the college research and application process and find it fascinating.  Most recently, I have been engaged in the high school test prep program and have extensive knowledge of testing requirements. Having lived for many years on the East Coast, and traveling east routinely, I understand the fine details and cultural components of East Coast colleges and universities and how they differ from some of our West Coast schools. 

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